Training Syllabus of SAP BASIS on HANA
(Installation, Administration & Security)

  • 4.50
  • 4.9 out of 5 based on 7355 students rating.
  • SAP In-Memory Strategy
  • HANA compare to BW
  • Architecture Overview
  • IMCE and Surroundings (In memory Computing Engine)
  • Row Store& Column Store
  • Pre-Installation and deployment scenarios
  • SAP HANA Landscape
  • SAP HANA Components
  • Scenarios & Case Studies
  • Operating SAP HANA
  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Row Store
  • Column Store
  • Database engine of HANA
  • Data modeling
  • Reporting Architecture
  • SAP HANA Memory Management and Data Persistence
  • Software Packaging
  • SAP HANA Roadmap and Scenarios
  • Deployment Options
  • SUSE Linux Installation
  • SAP HANA Persistence
  • SAP HANA Architecture in Depth
  • Hardware Requirement &Prerequisites
  • Preparing HANA for Installation
  • Installation Options
  • Sizing SAP HANA
  • Scale-Out SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA for Administrator
  • HANA Client Installation & JDBC Connection to Studio
  • DBA Cockpit
  • Pre & Post Installation Steps of SAP HANA
  • Understanding the Admin Components of the Studio

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